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Why organize a cocktail wedding?

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The world of weddings evolves by leaps and bounds. While a few years ago it was unthinkable to go to a celebration in which the bride did not wear white, now it is common that the one who attracts all eyes choose a dress with color. The same thing happens with the menu, as the traditional wedding banquet is changing, and it is becoming more frequent that the happy couple choose a cocktail wedding for that day.

The type of menu continues to be one of the biggest headaches of the couple, since the catering companies offer multiple possibilities. Choosing one of them will depend solely on the criteria of the bride and groom and the factors they believe relevant.

Cocktail weddings are gaining positions over those who favor a traditional banquet. What does this type of catering consist of?

A wedding cocktail tries to escape the formalities and long tables strategically distributed throughout a hall, which prevent guests from interacting with each other during dinner or food. If you want to organize a special and modern celebration, surely this should be your style of catering.

What are the advantages of a cocktail over a traditional banquet?

  • The tables are spread throughout the chosen place, but there are no places marked previously. The waiters are serving various hot and cold dishes previously chosen by the bride and groom based on the tastes of the diners, their own or the style of wedding they seek.
  • The guests of the celebration have the opportunity to interact with each other, because they can move freely around the tables eating from here and there and talking to each other. With this, a much closer and more relaxed environment is achieved.
  • The newlyweds can also hang out with their guests without the need to go from table to table.
  • This is a cheaper option than the traditional banquet, which makes it perfect for all those couples who have a limited budget or simply do not want to invest too much in the wedding or catering.
  • The moment of the dance (if there is one) will be much more fun, since the attendees will be able to meet other people during the meal / dinner and will gain confidence. Again, the bride and groom will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

And you, what kind of catering do you prefer? Traditional banquet or cocktail wedding? Whatever your answer is, in Dini Catering, a company specialized in the organization of catering and events in Barcelona and surroundings, we help you to make the right choice for you and prepare everything you need to make that day special, unique and memorable.

If you want information without commitment, call us at +34 692 270 126 or visit our website www.dinicatering.com and we will gladly help you.


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