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Wedding Catering

Your wedding is a special moment

This is your special moment and it is usually the first step to form a family, so you have to do it well and, above all, enjoy it to the fullest. Dini Catering has a team of professionals to make the wedding of your dreams come true without worrying about anything. Each wedding is unique: let yourself be led by the advice of our wedding planners. We will design a decoration that will fascinate you, as well as a menu that will turn every bite into another pleasant memory of that special day.

Live a Dini Catering experience

How do you imagine your wedding?

Cocktail – Traditional Banquet – Elegant – Vintage – Casual

They are part of the formats and adjectives that encompass the marriage celebrations. Occasionally, the bride and groom tend to limit the wedding vision because of the budget they have. Dini catering has the task of listening and creating the solution that most closely matches the wishes of the couple within the budget they have. Tell us how your vision of the wedding is and we will design it for you with total transparency.


Dini Catering, as a catering service for weddings in Barcelona, has a wide range of dishes ideal for that special day. We strolled through all the formats in our extended cocktail; we go from exotic tartars to traditional black pudding skewers with quail eggs.

Then, in our bowl food format, we accompany this new trend in the world of catering without reducing the variety of options, since we offer a succulent pica pica as an appetizer with smoked salmon delicacies and international dishes such as the Venezuelan arepitas.

We can not fail to mention the extraordinary popular foods such as barbecues, delicious paellas and fideuas cooked and served live by our chefs. We invite you to know our gastronomic proposal, ask for an appointment and we will gladly assist you!

Location | Accommodations

Do you have a space or locality according to your dream wedding? We help you find a suitable place. Do not forget that this aspect is very important to begin designing the celebration of your marriage. Dini catering has some collaborators who have locations adapted for marriage, so it costs us nothing to collaborate with our client in the search of the ideal place for the celebration.
We work day after day to achieve more agreements with spectacular places and thus offer them to our clients at a more affordable price than if they were directly with the managers of the establishment.

Decoration and Staging

Our wedding planners are specialists in transforming spaces, do not hesitate to have a meeting us:

Our creative team has innovative ideas to decorate and convert the wedding space to the place that you dreamed. When we have a place to transform we are able to imagine and draw possible scenarios. The most important thing is that we have the ability to transmit that vision to our clients and to include them, allowing them to look at themselves in that vision.

Our services

Wedding Planner

The celebration should be enjoyed by the bride and groom, so Dini Catering offers to take care of everything so that you do not have to worry about anything, we will take care of the details and, as always, we will surpass the expectations. Let yourself be carried away by the experience of our team.

During wedding events there are many details to take into account and you cannot leave anything out, taking care of the budget that you have destined for it. Dini catering allows you to do it in an organized way and with total transparency, we have very creative team capable of reaching spectacular solutions keeping the budget in place and avoiding unforeseen costs.


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