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The Coffee breaks in Barcelona are trendy

In the hectic pace of life in which we are immersed today, it is necessary to optimize the time, especially in the area of work and business. In response to this lifestyle, the concept of coffee break appears. The coffee breaks in Barcelona have become one of the most habitual and demanded services for the catering companies of our city

What exactly are Coffee Breaks in Barcelona?

It is a break not too long, between 15 and 30 minutes, where snacks and drinks are served while the body relaxes and the mind become clearer. It is usually done in the workplace or in breaks of certain events, such as business meetings, congresses or courses. They consist in an activity not simply gastronomic, but for socialization. It is hoped that, in this context, people will interact and it will encourage the exchange of information.

Recent studies also state that this rest helps to increase concentration and performance in activities that need to be carried out. In fact, in the most modern and innovative companies, it is used as a method to “oxygenate” its employees, causing them to disconnect from work the right time to be able to return with more strength. This is a key factor so that the performance of workers does not fall as the hours pass and they can perform their functions at full capacity during the whole day.

As for food, the snacks on offer can be both sweet and salty. As for the drinks, coffee, juices, infusions and soft drinks can be offered, mainly. The composition and the gastronomic variety of coffee breaks in Barcelona it will depend very much on the time in which it is carried out, also on the context in which it takes place and the budget to be invested. However, the goal is to serve foods that revitalize the body and reactivate the mind, so that you can continue the day efficiently.

In Dini Catering we are specialists in offering coffee breaks in Barcelona and we have a wide variety of proposals, both for small-scale and large-scale services. Do not hesitate to contact us. Call to 692 270 126 or tol 722 750 427, write to info@dinicatering.com or fill the online form. We will attend you and design a proposal tailored to your needs.

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