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Catering for particular request in Barcelona, an option for the summer

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The catering business is growing so fast in our country in recent times. From being a type of service that characterized the conferences and congresses, at the present it has slipped in personal, social, and corporative events. Some examples can be wedding banquets, business meetings, company events and wedding anniversaries. Many also hire them for birthday parties, Christmas dinners and more types of events. In particular, contract a service of catering for particular requests is on trend. People tend to use it more and more for the practicality and comfort they have. Especially in the scenario where we are immersed in untimely, working hours in which it is difficult to find leisure time.

Organize a catering for particular requests in Barcelona during summer

It should be clear that the time of year and the typology of the event change the characteristics of a catering service. We offer some suggestions to take into account when it comes to succeed with a catering for particular requests in Barcelona in the hottest months. The climatic conditions will be decisive, since the sun and the heat can affect not only the food but also the level and type of appetite of the guests.

  • With the heat, special care must be taken for the preservation of food, especially when it comes to refrigeration.
  • The most appropriate is to prevent that the elaborations can be damaged at high temperatures, which influences especially those who have milk and eggs among their ingredients.
  • If the event takes place during the day, it is advisable to use tents or some structure that protects the guests directly from the sun.
  • High temperatures can increase thirst and reduce the appetite of the guests. Therefore, the menu should be based on products and refreshing dishes, such as fruits, vegetables, salads, cold creams, ice cream or juices.
  • It is advisable to avoid heavy dishes.

In Dini Catering we take these elements into account when preparing catering for particular requests in Barcelona. Contact us through the phone 692 270 126 and 722 750 427 or through the contact form. We also offer other services like coffee breaks in Barcelona, do not hesitate to browse our website to see all our services.

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