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Catering at home, much more than making menus

Catering a domicilio

The wedding anniversary, the birthday of a loved one, celebrating a promotion at work, a family reunion or even any Tuesday night. Many are the occasions where we want to meet in our home and enjoy a good meal without the need to spend hours and hours in front of the stove. The star service in all these cases and many others is, without a doubt, catering at home.

Hiring a catering is a perfect way to enjoy the most select food cooked by authentic professionals of the gastronomy without moving from your own home and leaving behind all the worries about the organization.

Often, some people think that a catering company is solely and exclusively dedicated to elaborating the chosen food and taking it to the place indicated, either the home or an outside location. However, our tasks go even further:

  • Prepare the place is important if we are going to gather a good number of people. The tablecloth, cutlery, glassware, chairs and tables will make the difference of a good celebration or a mediocre one. A good company dedicated to catering and events can include in its services a good decoration and staging of the place.
  • Have a team that serves the dishes and drinks during the celebration brings professionalism and shows that we care about the guests and their well-being during the event.
  • Advise on the type of menu. Often, we want to organize a meeting or celebration but we do not know how to hit the menu or what type of catering we should serve. The help of the professionals is fundamental in these cases, since it will depend on the type of event that you want, we will help to find the perfect option.
  • Create custom plates. In case you want to surprise your guests, you can not miss the opportunity to offer them personalized dishes. The professional, after listening and analyzing the requests of the host, can present several proposals of individualized and unique services that will make the guests remember the celebration.

The catering at home offers many more options than we originally thought. Farewells parties, communions, romantic dinners, baby showers … There are many important occasions in which we want to organize something special in our own home and resort to a company specialized in catering and events, such as Dini Catering.

Before hiring any company, you must inform yourself about the services they offer and if they meet all the requirements you need to make a special and unique celebration.

If you want to make a difference and hire a professional and creative catering service in a special surroundings, do not hesitate and call us at +34 692 270 126 or +34 722 750 427 and in Dini Catering we will find the solution you need in Barcelona.


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