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Advantages of hiring catering companies in Barcelona

empresas de catering en barcelona

The planning and organization of events, from private celebrations to corporate events and even wedding receptions, is a very complex work. It entails combining different tasks and paying attention to many details, such as choosing and elaborating the right menu for the occasion, taking care of serving and attending to all the guests, choosing the place setting, table linen and location, and much more. For all these reasons, opting to hire one of the catering companies in Barcelona is a very suitable option today. They will take care of everything, especially the preparation, presentation and coordination of the food service, adapting everything to the needs and budget that the event requires.

What is a catering company?

The function of catering companies in Barcelona, or in another locality, is to provide food and drink to a group of people in different environments and occasions. Not only is it a matter of providing quality dishes, but it also involve aspects as the amount of food and drinks required, depending on the number of guests, and offer a creative, original and appetizing presentation.

At the same time, many catering companies are not only concerned with providing food, they have increased their services and can also take care of the decoration (place setting, tablecloths, table centers, etc.), service, cleaning and even the planning and animation of events, among others.

It should be emphasized that catering is no longer an exclusive service for conferences, trade shows or congresses, but today we also find it in company events, weddings, baptisms, communions, birthday parties or anniversaries and even in outsourcing of dining services of companies, schools, hospitals, transport, etc.

Different types of catering

There is a wide range of catering options among catering companies in Barcelona. They basically depend on the event format in which they are made, but we can distinguish three large groups:

  • Banquet: It is usual in formal events like celebrations of weddings, baptisms or communions. Guests sit in chairs around a table. Light snacks, main dishes and desserts are served. Both the quality of the food and its presentation are fundamental. It is easy to calculate the amounts per guest.
  • Cocktail: It has a more informal nature than the previous one, the diners are usually standing and are attended by waiters who bring snacks and drinks. The usual schedule for this type of catering is mid-morning or mid-afternoon. The original presentation is valued. You have to calculate the frequency and amount of food per guest, which can be a bit tricky.
  • Buffet: It tends to be used in events with many guests, like congresses or trade shows. A wide variety of dishes are offered and the guests choose what they want to consume and then sit down, being able to repeat if they wish. It is very versatile and can take place at any time of day or night.

5 Advantages of hiring catering companies in Barcelona

  • Security: Companies authorized to offer catering services are subject to exhaustive security and quality controls. They also have highly evolved food processing and preservation systems.
  • Variety: They offer a wide variety of menus and gastronomic proposals to choose from. They adapt to the format of the event and to the tastes of the client. They also have alternatives for children, seniors, vegetarians, celiacs, diabetics or allergy sufferers.
  • Saving time and comfort: With the current panorama of stress and untimely schedules, a catering service is a great saving of valuable time, available for resting and to dedicate to other tasks. The catering professionals will prepare delicious dishes, so that the hosts and its guests just have to enjoy the moment.
  • Custom budget: Catering companies offer personalized quotes, tailored to the needs of each client. Within their possibilities, they will offer the best gastronomic proposals.
  • Flexibility: Catering services adapt to location, event format, schedules, menu, number of guests, etc.

If you are thinking of hiring the services of a catering company in Barcelona, choose Dini Catering. Contact us by calling to 692 270 126 and 722 750 427, writing to info@dinicatering.com, or fill the online form. We will assist you as quickly as possible and we will design a budget tailored to your needs.

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